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Managed Services Virginia


TCB provides Managed Services to client’s nationwide utilizing remote software tools and unique cost-saving business and implementations. Having this arsenal at the ready enables you to focus on what is important for your business.
•         24×7, 365 days a year
•         US Based Call Center
•         Real Time Monitoring
•         Server Analysis by Field Experts
•         Managed Security Service

Remote Monitoring and Management: 

TCB focuses on the only real way to run IT operations: Proactivly. Period. With a break-fix method, panic mode being somewhat of the norm. Everyday is a juggle between manpower, cost, and consistency.  Utilizing hosted remote management software, you’ll never have to sign up for a gig like that again.  Simply use our services to complement your current staff or become it.
Usually, growing your business means beefing up your IT manpower but there is a better way. With TCB at your disposal, let our remote management software and expert field technicians take care of the toughest server and desktop related issues.

Desktop Management:

Most will agree that desktop management demands a lengthy amount of time and attention. Issues can drag on for hours on very low margins with high costs. However on the contrary, most will agree that these individual issues can’t be gone unnoticed. That is where TCB steps in. Utilizing our remote management software and services, it is possible to increase efficiency while decreasing cost. If the problem can not be solved remotely, TCB will create service tickets and dispatch field technicians to the affected site.

Available tools:

•         Monitoring
•         Client Chat
•         Manage Config.
•         Patch Monitoring
•         Remote Desktop
•         Antivirus/Anti-Spyware
•         Ticket and Dispatch system
•         Reports
•         Desktop record/capture

Server Management:

The dreaded event viewer…everyone’s favorite. Scrolling through hundreds of server alerts, finding what might be the problem, and researching it in circles. Not to mention, in the meantime high cost, lost efficiency, and lost productivity. All of these issues can easily lose your clients. Maintaining server efficiency is ideal but costly. TCB provides a prefect mix of remote management software and field expert service to keep your servers in the green 24×7. Weekend? Not a problem. Holiday? Still not a problem. We strive to keep your systems up no matter the day of the year.

Server Services:

•         Server Monitoring
•         Critical Notifications
•         Service Request
•         Notification System
•         Device Monitoring (Printers, Routers, etc.)
•         Backup Monitoring
•         Exchange and email
•         Patch Management
•         Antivirus
•         Remote Control
•         Reports