As a non-profit association, we know that you have a budget and a unique payment cycle. At TCB Inc. we can work with you unique budget and payment cycles.We can provide you with IT services full-time or partially.We have different plans and IT options that you can choose from.Whichever services you choose with TCB you will always receive superb support.

We also understand that all costs must be approved by board; therefore for a monthly fee we can provide you with IT services that are both affordable and effective.Our team can provide your organization with support 24 hours a day.We go out of our way to resolve any issues you may have as soon as possible.

If you already have an IT staff in place, we would be more than happy to compliment them. Meaning if they need extra help, can’t resolve an issue, or is just out sick.

At TCB Inc., we pride ourselves in:

  • Our round-the-clock service.This means 24 hour support, even during weekends and holidays
  • Providing you with the flexibility and customization that is needed to help your organization thrive

When you partner with TCB Inc. you will be receiving great service no matter what your needs are.