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Real Estate

In real estate, we understand that server downtime can cut into your agency’s productivity and cause monetary losses. We have experience with customers in this field and understand the services necessary to achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors.We implement tools, provide services and monitor networks 24/7 to prevent network downtime.

We can either provide full, partial or customized IT support plans that is sometimes necessary in the real estate industry.Whichever services you decide to implement with TCB, one thing can be certain; you will receive the quality work we pride ourselves in providing.

At TCB Inc., our goals are to:

  • Reduce your network downtime.This is done by network monitoring 24/7 265 days a year.
  • Improve your system’s performance
  • Provide you with the services to meet your business’s needs.

In today’s economy, IT service is a critical element to success; with TCB you will be provided with all the technological tools and services necessary to achieve your agency’s ambition.